23 products

    23 products
    Linea Glass Vase, Multiple Sizes
    Sold Out
    Etched Glass Fluted Vase
    Glazed Potters Vase
    Tortoise Vase / Candle Holder
    from $88.00
    Canton Collection 12" Fingers Vase
    Small Hammered Frosted Glass Vase
    Natural Bamboo Vase
    Large Hammered Frosted Glass Vase
    Glazed Metal Vases
    from $90.00
    Gold vase
    Etched Glass Classic Urn Vase
    Decorative Metal Tray w/5 Glass Vases
    Celadon 3 Stem Vase
    from $35.00
    Large Celadon Gourd Vase - Ceramic
    Blue and White Chrysanthemum Flower on Chain Pattern Vase/Planter Hand-Painted Porcelain
    Hibiscus Glass Cobalt Blue Bud Vase
    Blue Chinoiserie Gourd Vase
    Swirled Glass Vases with Plaid Ribbon
    from $31.25
    Hibiscus Glass Green Bud Vase
    White Bamboo Vase
    Hibiscus Glass White Bud Vase
    Hibiscus Glass Red Bud Vase
    Unique Glass Vases
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