Silver Serveware

62 products

    62 products
    Aluminum Nickel Plated Tray with Antler Handles
    Nickel Cluster of Nine Serving Bowls
    Pieles Croc Medium Rectangular Tray with Handles
    Polished Silver Ice Bucket with Deer Head
    Pieles Croc Spreader
    Pearl Perla Long Rectangular Tray with Handles
    Magnolia Ladle
    Magnolia Ice Scoop
    Vento Rebecca Large Rectangular Tray with Handles
    SOHO Double Ice Bucket
    Pedestal Vento Alex Medium Bowl
    Vento Cake Server
    Vento Small Oval Bowl
    Organic Pearl Nova Round Platter
    Pedestal Vento Lola Round Plate
    Organic Pearl Nova Flirty Large Bowl
    Vento Bergamo Chip & Dip
    Organic Pearl Cracker Tray
    Organic Pearl Nova Flirty Medium Bowl
    Vento Ice Bucket
    St. Anton Stag Head Salad Bowl
    St. Anton Stag Head Bowl
    Pearl David Large Tray
    Pearl Pedestal Cake Platter
    Organic Pearl Petit Bowl with Spoon
    Garden Bamboo Salad Servers with Gold Handles
    Garden Bamboo Medium Oval Tray
    Garden Bamboo Large Oval Tray
    Garden Bamboo Small Bowl
    Soho Rectangular Platter
    Giftables Soho Heart Bowl
    Giftables Organic Pearl Bowl with Spoon
    Organic Pearl Kristi Medium Rectangular Tray with Handles
    Thanni Bloom Large Bowl
    Garden Bamboo Round Tray
    Garden Bamboo Salad Bowl
    Garden Bamboo Rectangular Platter with Gold Handles
    Thanni Heart Mini Bowl
    Thanni Heart Small Bowl
    Thanni Osaka Medium Deep Bowl
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